Things I Like This Week #1

This Week

On Wednesday I got to see by The Other Box take over Apple’s flagship store for an inspiring International Women’s Day event.
If you know nothing about them, Leyya and Roshni are an amazing duo, working hard to champion people of colour and people from underrepresented backgrounds within the creative industries. Despite launching just a couple of years ago they’ve already worked with some enormous names to teach about diversity and unconscious bias, whilst building their huge online community. If you want to know more and be part of their amazing network, check out their website or instagram for more info.

Friday was theatre night for me so I headed to Hampstead Theatre for the first time to see Cost of Living. Sadly for you the run ended this weekend so you missed out on this treat of honest, captivating theatre that made me laugh just as much as it suprised me. However, I have plenty more shows lined up in the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll be recommending something else for you soon.

Links Worth Clicking

  • If you need a laugh then Scott Mills Lolathon for Comic Relief will give you hours of jokes to enjoy this week.

  • Not enough funny for you? Season Two of the masterful Fleabag is back on the BBC.

  • Sadly I can’t find a UK link for the full trailer of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone so here is the teaser to give you a taste. If you know nothing about this, it’s a revival of the 80’s sci-fi anthology series of the same name which led the way for shows like Black Mirror.

  • I’d watch Idris elba in anything but Turn Up Charlie genuinely looks like the perfect lazy day Netflix binge coming later this month.

Okay so my first round up is all entertainment but hey, that’s what I love. I’ll do my best to get in the habit of noting the things I’m enjoying this week and be back soon with more links worth clicking.

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