That awkward first post

So, I guess I am writing a blog again.
I haven’t done this in a few years so please bear with my whilst I find my flow.

The first post is never going to be fun so here are three reasons I decided to start a blog again:

1.      I am writing a book

If you watch my Instagram stories, you may have already spotted I am writing a book – and when I say writing a book, I mean I have every intention to finish this and have it published. This isn’t like when I write 14 pages of a bad novel then pretend it never happened. This book is my passion project.
However, I have always found with creative passions that the more you focus on them, the easier it is to end up losing sight of the goal. So, I am hoping blogging will allow me plenty of opportunity to practice my writing whilst providing me with a separate outlet when I need a break from the book.

2.      I made a choice to be more open about my life

About 6 months ago I shared a personal post on Instagram discussing some personal difficulties I’d been going through and how I’d dealt with the resulting impact on my mental health. I’ve handled various mental health issues for years, but this was the first time I decided to openly discuss them in a public space.
Although I’m not always willing to discuss these topics in full, taking the leap with this one post allowed me to start sharing more about myself and my mental health journey through Instagram. I’m hoping by starting a blog, I will be not only continue sharing this journey, but be able to write about it in more detail and hopefully share some of the lessons I’ve learnt.

3.      I have something to say and I don’t care who does or doesn’t hear it

I’ve had various blogs in the past, both personal and professional, but no matter their focus, I never really cared about them. I was writing and posting quite regularly at times, but the content I was producing was meaningless. Not only did I not have an engaged audience, I wasn’t even engaging myself.
Now when I write I find myself getting so much more creative pleasure from the act of writing itself, as well as a sense of relief from releasing all my extra thoughts and feelings from my mind. I realised that this is because I finally feel I have something to say and I want to say it for my own benefit.
Of course, I would love people to read the blog and take something positive away from it, but I no longer feel the need to censor myself out of fear of judgement or conversely filter myself for others approval. What I have to say is what I want to say and no one or anyone can choose to read it.

So yeah, that is why this blog is happening and why it is happening at this moment in time.

If you choose to follow along, please join in and comment wherever you like and share my posts with anyone that you think would love to read them too.

Bye for now,